100 Years of Environmental Stewardship


Texans have always had a love of the outdoors, so it should come as no surprise that over the past 100 years, when it comes to our lands, the oil and natural gas industry is always investing and improving our environmental performance.


Because conservation is at our core.


Over the last century, our commitment to the environment has been backed by hundreds of billions of dollars in investments and technologies to continue reducing emissions, improving air quality, making cleaner fuels, and reducing the impact of our operations.


The oil and natural gas industry is the leading investor in zero- and low-carbon technology. We've invested more than the next two industries combined.


The energy industry is constantly inventing new methods to reduce our footprint and carefully restore the land when our work is complete, and we will continue advancing environmental performance through innovative research, technology, and operational practices.


And our commitment to clean energy solutions has paid off.


The United States leads the world in clean air. No other country comes close.


U.S. carbon emissions are at their lowest levels in a generation.


According to the EPA, today Americans breathe cleaner air and face lower risks of adverse health effects.


We've reduced our surface footprint by up to 90 percent, and industry innovation has cut emissions of ozone precursors and methane - all while achieving record high production.


Over the past 100 years, while our nation's energy production and consumption, GDP, and population has steadily increased, the oil and natural gas industry has continued to provide the energy that powers our lives without sacrificing environmental quality.


And we're providing cleaner, more reliable energy abroad, helping to achieve cleaner air across the globe.


For a century, the energy industry has been the leader in taking on our climate challenges, and through Texas know-how and continued investments in innovations, technologies and collaborations like the Environmental Partnership, our commitment to improving the environment will never cease.


The Texas oil and natural gas industry has helped transform the United States into the world leader in clean air AND economic prosperity at the same time. These environmental achievements are proof that we don't have to sacrifice economic growth to protect the environment. We can and will continue to do both.


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