Life As We Know It: Brought to You by Oil and Natural Gas

AUSTIN - The Texas Oil & Gas Association released the following video and column as a part of TXOGA's year-long celebration of its centennial anniversary.



Before you've arrived at your workplace, classroom, gym, coffee shop or favorite breakfast spot on a given morning, before your commute by car, train, bus or bike, and even before you've left the comfort of your bed, you've already enjoyed the benefits of oil and natural gas. Surprised?


Oil and natural gas providing the fuel and electricity we need seems like an obvious association, but did you know over 96% of the products we use and rely on every day are made from oil and natural gas? 96%! Oil and natural gas is responsible for making our modern lives possible, yet rarely do we give these resources the credit they deserve.


Your Morning Routine: Brought to You by Oil and Natural Gas! Alarm clocks, toothpaste, hair dryers, hot water, makeup, clothing, and food are all products either made from oil and natural gas or delivered to you because of them, making oil and natural gas among the first things you wake up to.


Crunch Time at the Office: Brought to You by Oil and Natural Gas! Oil and natural gas fuel efficiency and productivity at the office, producing everyday work essentials like computers, cell phones and printers.


Your Afternoon Workout: Brought to You by Oil and Natural Gas! Exercise and yoga mats, weights, medicine balls and athletic apparel are just a few of the products fashioned by oil and natural gas that fuel your fitness.


Your Evening Ritual: Brought to You by Oil and Natural Gas! After a long day at the office, utilizing the microwave for a quick meal, binge watching your favorite TV show on the couch, or online shopping is all made possible by oil and natural gas.


Your Weekend Get-Away: Brought to You by Oil and Natural Gas! Whether it's a trip to the beach or camping in the mountains, many of the products used for outdoor activities like these, such as wakeboards, life jackets, tents and cooking gear, are made from oil and natural gas byproducts.


Whether you utilize ten of these items or two, you're bound to come into contact with oil and natural gas in a bigger way than you might realize on any given day. Thousands of products that make modern life possible are brought to you by oil and natural gas, making life as we know it credited to these natural resources.


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