TXOGA Celebrates 100 Years of Texas Oil and Natural Gas

TXOGA's year-long Centennial Celebration will highlight this dynamic industry that is founded in ingenuity and fueled by innovation



AUSTIN - The following statement can be attributed to Todd Staples, President of the Texas Oil & Gas Association:


You'd be hard-pressed to find a story more dynamic, inspirational and impressive than the story of the Texas oil and natural gas industry over the past 100 years.


Through ingenuity and a commitment to excellence, Texas oil and natural gas has excelled for a solid century. No matter how diversified our state's economy has become, the oil and natural gas industry remains the backbone of the Texas economy and has fueled our state's success.


What has made this industry such an unequaled success story?


It's the industry's continuous drive to create new and innovative technologies, and the billions of dollars' worth of dedicated research and development the industry has funded.


It's the unmatched commitment to conservation, environmental protection, and stewardship of our state's treasured natural resources.


It's the unparalleled work ethic of the women and men who have poured their hearts and souls into shaping Texas as the undisputed Energy Capital of the World.


It's the loyal devotion of companies and their employees to the wellbeing of Texas children and families through philanthropic and community investment efforts.


It's the dedication to strengthening national security and ensuring our military is strong and has the energy it needs to promote liberty around the world.


It's the recognition of our vital role in responding to natural disasters.


It's the partnerships created to advance and grow STEM education.


It's the fact that 96% of the everyday essentials that Texans use on a daily basis - things like cellphones, laptops, shampoo, eyeglasses and heart valves - are made from oil and natural gas.


This industry is securing our economy, our environment and our future by making clean, reliable energy available for people at home and across the globe.


No matter the reason, Texas oil and natural gas continues to lead the way, and this year we want to commemorate all that has been accomplished by this dynamic industry as the Texas Oil & Gas Association celebrates its centennial anniversary.


Over the past 100 years, Texas oil and natural gas changed the world.


And we're just getting started.


Todd Staples is the President of the Texas Oil & Gas Association. Prior to TXOGA, Staples served as the Texas Agriculture Commissioner, winning two statewide elections.




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